My New Greenhouse


We’ve done a lot of work in our yard this year. With the onset of the Texas Drought, we had to make some serious changes. Add our three dogs to the mix and the grass in the backyard had to go. So we enlarged the patio square footage and put down pea gravel.   This meant that most of the gardening had to be done in pots. Another reason for this decision was the propensity of Gracie, the Siberian Husky to dig. I was tired of going out to find that she had dug up a bush and was gnawing on it in the corner of the yard. Anyway, we have a solution for the winter!

I got my Greenhouse!

It’s 8′ x 8′ – not 12’x12′ like I wrote in a previous blog. But it’s plenty roomy! I have two shelves on the sides and a small folding table in

Peeking in

the middle toward the back. I’m able to slide 2 rubber maids full of potting soil under the table.

It’s just off the deck, so the electricity is handy. I’ll be able to put grow lights out there to warm it up when temperatures really start to drop (Not by most other states’ cold temperature standards, but Texas standards. We freak out if the double digits go to the 30’s!)

So last night, the cold front came in. I don’t even know what the temperature was, but the wind was blowing so hard, it was making it so much colder. I brought all the plants into my new greenhouse! There was PLENTY of room! Shelter from that wind! This is going to be soo much better than dragging them into the bathtub and setting up a grow light in there. Or worse, letting the plants stay out just a little longer than they should, and then pulling in their nearly lifeless stalks.  Only to worry about watering them in the house and overflowing to the floor, or letting them just pile up near the doorway in a cluster of dying leaves.

Not this year!

I even pulled up my, now flowering, green pepper plants and repotted them. Hopefully they’ll produce a little with this protection. And my little cacti are going to be so happy in there!

This morning, when I went out to check on them…I unzipped the door and it was nice and warm in there. The sun was shining through the plastic walls.
Yep, this will make a nice winter home for all my plants!