New Addition to Backyard!

After years of coming home to find my latest plants destroyed by our dogs, I found a solution on Pinterest! I saw some fabulous ways to section the garden area from the rest of my postage stamp-sized back yard.

Here’s the goal (kind of):

6ft cedar cattle panel garden enclosure

Mine aren’t going to be staggered like this. But we are going to use livestock panels.

$20 apiece at Tractor Supply.

I really like the look of the 4×4 posts and the bottom rail, but that’s the first change.
No WAY can we get those big posts far enough into our granite-filled yard. So we’re going to attach them to T Post– something we did a lot of when we were on the ranch in Wichita Falls. But we got rid of our T-posts driver, so we hammered them in with the back of an axe!

Then we decided not to do the bottom rail, since I’d be planting along there.

Today, Josh and Ron loaded the truck and brought me 3 16 foot livestock panels! Woohoo!!

Phase 1

16 foot Livestock panels

16 foot Livestock panels

First panel up! Wedged right between the back porch and the greenhouse :)

First panel up! Wedged right between the back porch and the greenhouse 🙂

Ron's trying to get it straight

Ron’s trying to get it straight

We had to stop because it started to sprinkle (YAY!!) and I have to move all the rocks to the other side of the fence anyway.

We’re going to attach the panels to the T-posts, and then but boards on both sides with a top rail. That’s the plan!

And if you want to follow some very cool finds I have for My Garden Board, go right ahead and click this.

Phase 2

The wood is all up. The gate still needs to be attached. Each wooden “post” holds up the top rail and hides the Tpost.

garden fencing 3

Phase 3

Gate’s attached.

garden fencing

Still to be Done:

  • Rake out all the rocks
  • Dismantle the old flower bed frames
  • Create the beds
  • Stain the wood
  • Create a path to the gate


And this is one puppy bored by the project…

Supervising from the porch!

Supervising from the porch!


4 thoughts on “New Addition to Backyard!

  1. I am so jealous that you are working on your garden in February! I miss Texas so much when I see you doing things like this! Oh well, off to my 12 inches of snow!

    • Ron did that part. I’m pretty sure he just used super long screws to go through the top down into the posts. But I will check with him to be sure.
      Are you building one of these?

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