I guess that’s really false advertising. There weren’t Pomegranate[s], plural. There was one.
And I watered it and watched it for months.
I purchased the miniature pomegranate tree from the Natural Gardener in south Austin last spring. It had little flowers about to bloom. I watched the blooms open up with such hope! The fragrance was divine.
But, alas, only one lone fruit remained on the tree.
So I protected it.
I put a little fence around it to keep the dogs from digging it up.
And I waited.
We first found out about the joys of pomegranates in Davis, California. Our friends had a pomegranate tree outside their front door. They taught us how to open the fruit in a bowl of water – keeping the juicy little seeds from spraying out around the room. We had such fun with that fruit and always loved eating them over there.
If you know what pomegranates look like from the store, you know they’re not always pretty on the outside.  So I was unsure of when to pick ours from the tree. Part of it began to turn brown and I worried that either the heat or some other catastrophe had befallen my little fruit.
Then one day, I went outside to water and discovered it had fallen off the tree! There my little fruit sat, on the ground, in it’s little fenced raised bed… waiting for me. Hooray! I was excited! But what if it was rotten? It would be such a disappointment!
I called to Katie and told her our little Pomegranate was finally ready. She didn’t even know we had a Pomegranate tree. I am just in my own little world so often, it seems. Anyway, she was thrilled okay with with trying it out with me.
We gathered our bowls of water, and split the pomegranate.
Success! No rotten fruit! And delicious – just the way we remembered it from California!
Katie and I chatted a little more about pomegranates and she finished hers off with glee finished half the bowl and wandered away. So, not to let all those antioxidants and vitamins go to waste, I took some pictures and finished hers off too. Yes, with glee.

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